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WOD for 9/14/17

By CrossFitOmnia | In Uncategorized | on September 14, 2017

A. EMOM for 8 minutes:
Even – 8 thrusters 95/65
Odd – 30 double unders (40 singles)

B. Skid Row
Teams of 2:
– Row 2k
– 1 Mile Sandbag Run (70/50)
– Row 2k

In “Skid Row”, one partner will work at a time, breaking up the work on the row and the sandbag however they see fit. Picking a weight on the sandbag that athletes could run at least 800 Meters without stopping when fresh.

On the Rower
Name of the game here is fast efforts and quick transitions. Whether it is every 30 seconds or every minute, every 200 or 250 Meters, we want partners switching out before the athlete on the rower starts to slow down. Keeping a fresh body on the erg means the pace is high and the meters tick away faster.

On the Runs
Thinking push the pace on the bag and recover when you don’t have the bag. When there is weight on the back, there is a tendency to want to take the foot off the gas. Use this time to move as urgently as possible to your target distance before switching out. Once the weight is off your shoulders, it is an opportunity to catch the breath during your jog for the next effort.

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