WOD for 4/25

– 8×3 Thruster @ 90% of 1RM

For Time: 
– Squat Clean and Jerk (155/115) – 1 up to 10
– Deficit HSPU (45s/25s) – 10 down to 1

Each Round should equal 11 reps. For example – 1 SCLN and Jerk + 10 HSPU, next round 2 SCLN and Jerk + 9 HSPU, all the way to the last round of 10 SCLN and Jerk + 1 HSPU.

If anyone is interested there’s been some talk of possibly heading over to Illegal Pete’s on Broadway and Alameda for a bite to eat and some drinks tonight to get together and bid farewell to Sonia who’s moving to Alaska tomorrow. Keep an eye out for details, probably be sometime around 730pm.

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