WOD for 3/18

CrossFit Games Open 16.4

– 55 Deadlifts (225/155) (Scale 135/95)
– 55 Wall Balls (20/14) (Scale 20 to 9′ and 10 to 9′)
– 55 Cal Row
– 55 HSPU (Scale Hand Release Push Ups)

**Tie Breaker is the time when you complete the row

***HSPU standard is on the games site. Stand facing the wall on the same surface your hands will be on, with your feet at hip width and your toes touching the wall. While standing tall, reach your hands over your head with your elbows straight, shoulders extended and your thumbs touching. Mark the height of your wrists, then measure down 3 inches and create a line on the wall. Mark your line with a permanent marker, chalk or tape. Each rep begins and ends with your heels touching the wall over the line.

Olympic Lifts