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WOD for 12/6/17

By CrossFitOmnia | In Uncategorized | on December 6, 2017

A. Barbell Cycling
Every 90 seconds for 7.5 minutes
– 6 Hang Squat Cleans + 2 Push Jerks
– 5 Hang Squat Cleans + 3 Push Jerks
– 4 Hang Squat Cleans + 4 Push Jerks
– 3 Hang Squat Cleans + 5 Push Jerks
– 2 Hang Squat Cleans + 6 Push Jerks
Chose a weight that you can cycle the entire time without breaking (115/80)(135/95)(155/105)(185/135)

B. “Johnny”
Teams of 2
For Time:
Buy-In: 600 Meter Run together
3 Rounds:
– 19 Calorie Row or Bike (each)
– 87 Jumps over Parallette
– 7 Rope Climbs
Cash-Out: 600 Meter Run together & 1 RAK

**Feel free to stagger by 3 minutes to allow groups to get ahead and break up times on the rowers/bikes.

Athletes will run 600 meters together to begin the workout. Both partners must return to the gym before beginning the next movement. Following the run, they will break up the 3 movements in the middle however they’d like, completing 3 rounds total. Athletes will complete 19 calorie each on the rower. This does not have to be all at one time. For example, athlete 1 can row 10 calories and then athlete 2 can row 10 calories, followed by 9 and 9 each. The erg jump overs will be split amongst the team. Looking for a two foot take off and landing, counting a repetition each time the feet hit the floor. Rope climbs are also split between the teammates, with variations listed below in teaching section. After the 3 rounds, athletes will finish with another 600 meter run and a Random Act of Kindness!

CrossFit WODs often acknowledge amazing heroes that have selflessly given the ultimate sacrifice. This WOD is a bit different in that it celebrates the life of the son of one of our own CrossFit dads. Johnny had a giving soul, where he showed little ego and lots of humility, caring, and kindness. Life was not always easy, but that did not slow him down. In fact, Johnny became an amazing athlete (state championship tennis team, expert skier and swimmer) and excelled in school (class valedictorian, class president, attended Harvard). Sadly, Johnny died too early 10 years ago this coming November 29th.

This workout reflects many aspects of Johnny’s life. He was born in 1987, which is why we have 87 Erg Jump Overs. He then lived 19 years and passed away in 2007, which is represented by the 19 Calorie Row and the 07 Rope Climbs. And together as partners you will be running a total of 2400M, where the total feet run represents the number of days in Johnny’s life.

The specific exercises are based on many aspects of Johnny’s sports life, as the run represents his training for the Boston Marathon in 2007, the rowing symbolizes the Charles River which flows next to Harvard where he was going to college and training for the marathon, the erg jumps represent bumps skiing which was one of Johnny’s favorite sports, and the rope climbs represent all the fun he had as a kid in the playground.

So, have fun, enjoy, and celebrate Johnny’s life!

1 RAK: One Random Act Of Kindness
1. Someone/people you don’t know today
2. No benefit to you (other than you feeling good for what you did)
3. Makes at least one person’s life easier for a minute, an hour, a day, or more

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