WOD for 12/20/17

A. Barbell Conditioning
– 5 Touch and Go Power Clean and Jerks
**You choose the weight to complete all reps unbroken on the minute

B. 5 Rounds On the 4:00
– 30 Air Squats
– 20/15 Calorie Row or 200m Run or 14/10 cal bike
– 7 Clean and Jerks (135/95)(185/135)

*Looking for athletes to have a minimum of :45 seconds to recover between each round. Therefore, we can modify rep schemes or loading to hit this intense stimulus. Score today is the slowest round of the five.

**If we need to stagger based on equipment start group 2 on the 2 minute mark.

C. If Time allows or after Class
Barbell Reverse Lunge
2 x 20 (Total Steps)

Olympic Lifts