This seminar is the perfect way to clean up your technique and proficiency in the Olympic lifts. If you want to be faster in your lifts, feel more confident, balanced and consistent in your lifting, you should attend this course. You will learn tips, cues and positions from the sport of weightlifting, but ALL of these are directly transferable to CrossFit and will help you improve your times, move more weight and, most importantly, prevent injury.

The goal is two-fold. Of course I want you to improve your own personal skills and abilities – and hopefully set a new PR – but I also  want to give you the tools to begin to identify common faults and offer constructive corrections to those around you.

This course is limited to 20 athletes

$25 for CrossFit Omnia members – Register
$50 for non-members – Register

Seminar will cover the Olympic weightlifting movements of the snatch, clean and jerk. Attendees will learn the top-down method taught by Cal Strength.

The seminar will run from 10am – 2:15pm and will include a lunch break and a lifting demo.

The breakdown of the schedule looks like this:

Intro & warm-up: 45 mins
snatch instruction: 30 mins
snatch max: 30 mins
lunch 1 hour w/ lifting demo
questions & warm-up 30 mins
clean & jerk instruction: 30 mins
C&J max: 30 mins

Attendees should expect to spend a lot of time on the mat with a bar in their hands. Bring adequate food, because you will be hungry! I guarantee you’ll feel like you worked out after this seminar, so don’t be caught off guard!