• $20 or Shirt
  • *Can pay through Venmo @CrossFitOmnia
  • $135/MONTH
  • *Just contact us or stop by an Intro Class to sign up!
  • $150/MONTH
  • *Just contact us or stop by an Intro Class to sign up!
  • $165/MONTH
  • *Just contact us or stop by an Intro Class to sign up!

We think these things pretty much just make sense. Anything else is less efficient and sacrifices form, and that’s just not the CrossFit way.

No Initiation Fees

Maybe back in the day when they had to dip quill to inkpot to write the membership contract and then hire a stagecoach to send that contract to HQ, that made sense. In today’s age, there’s no cost we incur in signing you up, why should we pass one on to you?

No Contracts

We believe you will like our product. Why do we need to handcuff you into it? Pay for a membership you use and enjoy. If you don’t, while we’d like the chance to fix any issue you might have, give us a 30 day notice and you can quit at any time for any reason.

No Penalties, Surcharges, etc.

Unless you start doing things that make us incur a bunch of penalties, we’re not going to litter our memberships with fine print.

We Support our Service Men & Women

$10 off for all Active Duty Military, Police, and Firefighters

Couple’s Discount

Sign up with your significant other, and we’ll give you each $10 off your memberships.

Now that you know how we roll your first step to membership is it to set up your Elements classes. Just contact us to figure out a time to drop by.

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