WOD for 4/20

A. Beep Test

B. As soon as you finish the beep test complete 10 Turkish Get ups (5 each arm) AHAP

C. For Time: Partner Workout (Team of 2)
Both partners working at a time, must switch every 10 reps. Partner 1 starts on Row, Partner 2 starts on DL. Once partner 1 hits 10 cals they move over to DL and once parter 2 hits 10 DL they move to the rower. Continue this until each movement is complete and move onto the next one.

60 Cal Row, 60 Deadlifts (135/95)
50 Cal Row, 50 Hang Power Cleans
40 Cal Row, 40 Back Squats (from Ground)
30 Cal Row, 30 Push Jerks
20 Cal Row, 20 HSPU

Olympic Lifts